On the 30th March 2018, Fujitsu has signed two extremely important deals. One with Blue Prism, the other with UiPath. On their basis a month later Fujitsu started helping customers accessing the benefits of Robotic Process Automation(RPA) via an elastic approach “as-a-service”. An easy and transparent”pay-as-you-go” service allows customers to successfully start their journey into software automation, eliminating anxiety linked to investment in infrastructure, software and training which would be necessary otherwise.

Fujitsu consultants work closely with customers to first identify monotonous, repeatable processes that could be easily automated. The information is later used to draw a realistic business plan that can be shown to higher executives. The next step is running pilot programs, to test the idea and prove it’s business justification.

Thanks to this approach customers are free to start an investment, and then scale it if necessary, all using the “pay-as-you-go” method. The fixed-price service offered by Fujitsu features provision, implementation, conservation and optimisation.

After defining, the Fujitsu RPA-as-a-Service turns bots software on at the customer’s location or in their data centre. Implementations are constantly monitored, supported and optimised to ensure their efficiency, via the Fujitsu Cloud Service K5.



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