The main aim of ERP(enterprise resource planning) class systems is the integration of all departments and systems in a firm. The integration consists of unifying the database so that the whole firm utilises a single collection of data.

ERP is an information system that allows to identify and plan the usage of the company’s assets, mainly supervising, sending and squaring customer orders and cost control.

Ensuring access to current and correct information is one of the challenges faced by companies. It is a key factor in the decision-making process of a firm. Often firm’s information is scattered in a couple databases or programs. For instance, data relating to warehouse stock are in one base, and the ones on customers in another.

In ERP class systems we do not encounter such restrictions, as all information is gathered in a common database. If, for example, the warehouse manager enters data into the system using the warehouse module, it will be visible in all other departments in the enterprise.

Hence the salesperson, upon receiving customers order, can use all the data necessary to realise it. These may be data on customers credit history, warehouse stocks or delivery capabilities.


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