Today, this question can be answered as follows:

RPA is a necessity, although now it is still a choice.

First, it is important to realise, that robotisation is not an end in itself.

Using robots is not a whim, a realisation of a sci-fi idea or an action aimed at human employees. The robots used in Robotic  Process Automation are tasked with improving work efficiency and providing a competitive advantage.

They are used to reduce labour cost, improve the quality and repeatability of effects, increase processing capacity, enable regulation of process course, increase the elasticity of the work organisation etc. Although one can name quite a lot of advantages of automation, today robots are still just virtual employees, used for specific tasks. One can use them as substitution – same as contract workers or outsourcing. It is all a matter of economic calculation, competitiveness of the environment, business specifics, or… well, answering the question, whether it is a choice or a necessity for our company.

Today, bots entering our organization are overlays for existing systems. They replace humans, and the other way around – people can do their work. Who will be better? Probably the robots, but as mentioned above, it is all a question of the calculation of profitability.

That is today. Because tomorrow emerging enterprises will include RPA in their structure on the outset.  It will be a tool like any other for them – like desks, air conditioning or diggers – depending on the business activity profile. Robot licenses will be included in business plans just like OS licenses, bookkeeping software or fleet manager programs.

The competitiveness bar will be raised even higher.

Then what?

Then there will be no point in asking the question posed in the title, same as we do not ask today whether or not it is worth it to use the net or computers in business – it has become a sine qua non-condition.


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