According to some authorities in the industry, UiPath is currently the leader of RPA.

UiPath offers an open platform, well-adjusted to complex automation of entering data in any internet form or application. UiPath is Windows desktop, Excel operation and integration of SAP and Citrix.

UiPath allows an easy, quick start and is constantly perfecting its solutions. UiPath platform supports HTML, flash,AJAX, PDF,  Java and Silverlight.

UiPath technology is used by thousands of companies, especially in matters of document management, call centre, healthcare, finance, API, data downloading and migration, process automation, application integration and BPO.

Using the input of 120 thousand programmers of all levels UiPath is now developing a free social media edition of its platform. To support this idea UiPath Academy was created, the first open training and certification platform dedicated for RPA users.

UiPath is based in New York.


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