Where can robots working in an RPA system be of use? In fact anywhere, where we are dealing with repeatable activities, performed in a loop or frequently during a process. Their independence of software environment is a great advantage of robots. More – robots can work as a link between hardware and software – they can learn the path of the cursor,  mouse movement, order a scan etc.

That is the state for today – it is hard to even speculate on what they will be capable of tomorrow. In the following article, we list examples of just a couple industries already successfully applying RPA. It is worth keeping in mind that every day we employ bots in new ways, offering them new positions.

Financial services, Banking, Insurance

Automating data validation * Data migration between applications * Managing client accounts * Reporting * Comparing service value in different localizations * Filling forms * Application processing Updating service data * Creating backups of source documents

Government organizations/ Authorities

Filling/reading/organizing forms of cooperating institutions/applicants Verification processes Integrating older systems with newer ones without changing the software environment * Reporting


Gathering and consolidation of customer data * Creating backups * Transfering data * Collecting data about competition prices * Sharing phone specifications


Patients data processing and migration * Reporting * Bills processing *

Insurance data processing automation * Sending emails from clearing systems

Hotel business

Gathering and comparing competition prices * Guest data processing * Creating user accounts and data verification * Payment processing


ERP data automation * Logistics data automation * Data monitoring * Supplier prices comparison


Research – importing producers websites and selecting product data * Uploading inventory and product information * Sales e-mailing

Quote-to-cash (Q2C)

Accelerating sales process * Automation, verification and updating product prices * Managing orders Invoicing * Supervision and realisation of payments

Procure-to-pay (P2P)

Transaction automation * Enabling instant, uninterrupted data flow between systems


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