You’re not a hard-to-replace, highly qualified worker? Better reskill! You have two years.

According to a study by Horses for Sources and KPMG, more than a half of surveyed Global 2000 firms believe that automation processes will influence the market significantly within a two-year timeframe. When asked: “In terms of the number of transactional internal roles within the following process areas, what proportion do you expect to be significantly impacted by automation in the next two years?” 31% thinks it will impact from 21% to 50% employees, and 21% indicated automation will impact over 50% of the workforce. This means that more than a half of firms will see massive changes over the next two years.

In addition, 120 buyers at the New York FORA summit were polled as to what is their plan for the personnel impacted by automation in the next two years.

While a good portion(44%) are already thinking about “retraining” their staff to take on analytics work with more sensitive data, prone to more exceptions and help manage new techs or redirecting them to tasks requiring the potential of human creativeness(marketing, entrepreneurial activities, creative design), 16% admits they will just let them go.

As much as 40%, however, has no idea what to do with this massive group of people. If they do not know it yet, do not have an idea, a vision of change – they will probably end up joining the already declared 16%.



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